We Need Landing Pages

Any website would benefit significantly from additional text-content revolving around the main keyphrases that they’d like to rank for. To do this, we must keep in mind; Google ranks webpages, not websites. (Using over 200 ranking factors.) To rank highly for a keyphrase in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, a website must contain a webpage that pertains to that term.  Better still, a highly relevant, optimized page with relevant images with alt tags, optimized meta descriptions, and well-structured content will rank best for any given term.

For any term, there are many relevant subtopics and synonymous keyphrases to reinforce within a site so Google determines our sites as the authorities in each specific niche and industry.  We will fill our websites up with useful, authoritative verbiage and provide info on an immeasurable amount of new and relevant sub-topics. The list of optimizable variations of keyphrases goes on and on. Each page will be optimized for a keyphrase and act as another lure in the vast ocean of websites with Google as our rod and your words as the juicy bait.