Page Writing Checklist

Writing Checklist PDF

Landing Pages

  • Should be 800-2000+ words.


  • Should be 600-1000 words.

Landing Pages & Blogs

  • No more than 150 words broken up without breaking up with a header (h1 – h6 tag)
  • Subheadings should reflect the topic of your copy.
  • The copy should score be 60-70 on the Flesch Reading index test. Less that 60 is considered too complicated for the average person. Shorter, more concise sentences help the ease of reading.
  • The focus keyphrase should be found approximately 1% of the text (naturally.)
  • Title and first sentence of the description of the page (meta description) must include the keyphrase.
  • The title must be between 35 and 65 characters.
  • The focus keyphrase must appear naturally towards the begining of the first paragraph of the copy.
  • It is recommended to include the target keyphrase in subheaders. While not crucial, this is beneficial.
  • 3 or more consecutive sentences should not start with the same word.
  • No more than 20% of sentences should contain 20 or more words.
  • 30% of sentence should begin with transition words and phrases.
  • Avoid use of passive voice.
  • Evenly distribute headings and subheadings. Remember, we can go up to 6 levels of subheadings.
  • Add approximately 1-2 internal links every 500 words.
  • Add approximately 1-2 external links every 500 words.
  • If more than 1400 words, include an outline at the top of your page. This onpage anchor navigation, or jumplinks, will help organize/structure the page content and enhance the usability of a lengthy page.  (For example, any page with content on Wikipedia has jumplinks in the “contents” box toward the top of the page:
  • Proofread. Analyze with Yoast online tool: And edit.  Repeat as necessary.