WordPress Helps You Manage

WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System.)  Like any CMS software. WordPress is made to manage all of your content with ease through the WordPress dashboard.   And because WordPress development is open source means that it is free to everyone.  A dedicated team of expert designers and programmers are constantly tweaking this FREE software to FREELY distribute to make the internet a better place.  WordPress is constantly evolving as the internet changes, making WordPress development sought after for longevity and stability of your site.   Solid WordPress development helps you manage you pages, your posts, your customers, your orders, your products, and MORE! 

At World Wide Web Designers, we build the best, rock-solid WordPress websites!

The WordPress Back-End

Quite possibly the coolest thing about WordPress development is the end product, the WordPress back-end, where you no longer have to be an expert to manage your site post-launch.  You can login into the website editor and tweak nearly any option within the site WITHOUT any knowledge of web development.  A non-coder can edit pages and posts on their own with very little training.  

WordPress Plugins

The base installation of WordPress is incredibly customize-able.  Right out of the box it is an invaluable tool for webblogs to robust eCommerce businesses.  Once installed, a developer may choose from a myriad of useful tools, known as plugins, to enhance the sites functionality, or a specific aspect of the site.

The basic WordPress installation works great for simple five-page website, and your basic blogs.  When paired with another open-source piece of software like WooCommerce, your WordPress site can become an online money-making machine – and adding more functionality is just another plugin away.  

The World Wide Web Designer team install the best and most trustworthy plugins to use on your site.  We work closely with our affiliate WordPress plugin developers to verify that all our plugins are compatible, stable, and secure.  

There are plugins for:

  • event calendars
  • social media tools
  • photo galleries
  • and there are even plugins that can turn WooCommerce into a full-blown eCommerce suite!

WordPress Themes

The main drawback of WordPress, is sometimes WordPress is associated with cookie-cutter themes and templates.  Often times small-time designers slap together sites with basic themes making their WordPress site dull and drab, and getting lost in the vast sea of websites.  

From jazzy and complex, to sophisticated and modern World Wide Web Designers can make a WordPress custom theme that fits your brand perfectly.

At World Wide Web Designers, we take the extra time to add that flair to your WordPress theme.  Aesthetics are utterly important and we take the time to customize the appearance of your WordPress site – grabbing the attention of your visitors from the moment they arrive.  We customize every WordPress installation we design with a unique theme (one that is never used again on another site!) so that our sites stand out aesthetically among the competition.  

WordPress and WooCommerce

A custom WordPress development and Woocommerce are a match made in heaven.  WooCommerce is a scale-able plugin that integrates a relatively basic eCommerce suite with your WordPress installation.  WooCommerce is incredibly customizable and easy to use.  

You can edit how you shop works, how products are displayed, incorporate product add-ons, variations, inventory, and so much more.  Because WooCommerce it is seamlessly integrated with WordPress, editing products managing inventory, your customer database, and viewing, processing & refunding orders is as simple as just a few clicks.  

Worried about managing it after its built?  Don’t.  The World Wide Web Designers will include a few hours of training, and we are just a phone call away if you need any help in the future.