White Hat VS Black Hat SEO

When engaging in search engine optimization methods, you’re bound to hear about white hat SEO and black hat SEO, basically known as the do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization. These white hat and black hat techniques are separated by their intended use of search engine algorithms.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

White hat SEO is considered to be any optimization method intended to increase your search engine rankings using a legitimate technique to gain back links or search engine presence. This could range from building keyword targeted landing pages, natural back link building, social media advertising, pay per click campaigns and more. As long as the SEO method doesn’t try to manipulate the search engines algorithm in a deceptive manner, your website will be set to start gaining positive rankings over time.

It then depends on how well your search engine optimization efforts perform to determine your new rankings. We highly recommend tracking your rankings and web traffic to better understand how well your search engine optimization efforts are taking hold.

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Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Black hat SEO is any “optimization” technique that intentionally tries to deceive the search engine and increase search engine rankings. These black hat search engine methods include keyword stuffing, unnatural back link building, hidden text, copied content and many other methods. Generally if the method is slightly questionable, it’s best not to do it. It should be noted that white hat techniques can sometimes become black hat techniques if the major search engines decide to make some changes. However if you are affected by these changes, you’ll most likely be what’s called grandfathered in and are exempt from penalties on existing content, but new content using the previously white hat technique will be penalized. It’s important to recognize that black hat search engine optimization techniques are the best way to get your site removed from search results, permanently.

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Black Hat SEO Penalties

Search engines are rightfully unforgiving when it comes to engaging in black hat SEO techniques. If your website gets removed from a search engine, it’s close to impossible to ever get it back on. Any search engine optimization service that uses these questionable methods should be avoided and the service should be comfortable answering any questions you have about their search engine optimization methods.

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