If you don’t currently have an SSL installed on your site – It’s time to get one.


Beginning in 2018 Google began “red flagging” and penalizing websites that do not have an SSL. Lack of SSL warnings are obtrusive. So much so, that they have proven to be detrimental to a positive user-experience on your site.

Also, not having an SSL is known to significantly lower the SEO-value and trustworthiness of your website.

If you still do not have an SSL on your site – it is well-past time to get one.


What is an SSL??

To be clear, an SSL is a Secure Socket Layer. This is an impenetrable layer of encryption, or code, that secures all data while in transit from your website to its database.


You can easily tell if your website has an SSL by looking in the address bar. If the beginning of the web address is “http://” your website is NOT SECURE!

At the beginning END of July 2018, insecure websites display your site like this: 

Some browsers already give large red warning for unsecured sites:

insecure website warning



If your URL is “https://” your site will show up with a green lock icon like the example below. This indicates to your visitors that they may relax knowing that the site owner is taking all the steps necessary to keep their customer data safe and secure.



If you are a current W3D client, we will be automatically updating your current hosting plan to include an SSL.
If you are not a client of W3D and would like your site hosted in a safe and secure environment with an SSL at the most competitive prices around, please contact us today.


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