Web Design for Small Business

We recommend that your business website match your business as best as it can.  It is easy to fall into the realm of stale, boring table-based websites, or using a cheap theme that hundred or thousands of businesses have used before.   To make your small business web design stand out on the internet today your site needs to be unique and designed for you.  There are 1,134,403,581 websites right now, and more every second, check out these live stats: www.internetlivestats.com/

Aesthetically, your site needs to stand-out from your competition with high-resolution photography, and a clean, custom, easy-to-navigate interface.  Your web traffic is looking for landing pages that not only have viable information, but are visually appealing as well.  A lot of web traffic may bounce simply because your page “doesn’t look good.”    To make your site look good a notable and necessary upgrade that now needs to be made is mobile-responsive design.   Mobile responsiveness allows your site to stretch and shrink to be visually appealing on any size screen.  This is good for your visitors, 60% – the majority – of your web-traffic today is from mobile devices.   Also, with recent Google updates, Google will penalize your ranking if your site is not mobile ready.  If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile devices yet, NOW is the time.

The best websites nowadays are upgrade-able and update-able.  The World Wide Web Designers are experts in helping small businesses delve deeper into their online marketing.  Our team is the perfect size to make a site design, a mobile-friendly re-design, SEO campaign (link to small business SEO), and/or site updates as reasonably-priced as possible.  As a small-business ourselves, you will find that our communication, efficiency, and competitive prices will pair perfectly with your small business.  We only succeed when your small business succeeds, and we care about your business as much as we do our own.

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Google Rewards Small Businesses With Well Designed Sites

With recent Google updates, small businesses have a stronger chance of getting viewed on internet search queries.  Google’s algorithms have changed rewarding new startup businesses with cleanly-made websites with mobile responsive, content rich landing pages. We guarantee the lowest price around to for these services that help you get viewed on the internet.


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