Small Business SEO

As a small business it can be hard to find your place in the sea of search results on Google or Bing, even with the plenty of ways there are to boost to your search engine rankings through a slew of search engine optimization techniques, but you have to start somewhere.

Search Engine Optimization For Small Business

Google, andBing are pushing hard for content rich web pages that provide web traffic highly relevant information to the keyword or keyphrase that brought them there through the users search query. The more the content of a website is considered ‘relevant’ to a keyword or keyphrase used in the search, the better the websites search engine ranking for that keyword or keyphrase. If there are multiple content rich pages for a keyword or keyphrase throughout the website, expect even better search engine rankings for it.

There’s a bit more to it than that, let us build you landing pages to improve your SEO month after month. Contact us today for any assistance you need with your small business SEO.

Target Locally, Then Globally

Say you were looking for lawn mowing services in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. You’d most likely head over to Google and search “lawn mowing services” getting you results that are generic to all of Wisconsin and even the surrounding states. However with web traffic becoming more specific in their search queries, such as “lawn mowing services Oconomowoc” we can target lawn mowing services by city which will most certainly provide fewer, but much more relevant search results and information to those searching. Creating web pages based on this idea will most certainly help kick start your businesses search engine rankings.

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Answer Your Customers Questions Before They Even Think Of Them
After you’ve focused on your core service areas, we recommend then focusing on answering any possible questions your customers may have about your product or service. Consider a frequently asked questions page or FAQ page.

The hard part is thinking like the customer. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! Some basic questions that can help immensely are answering: what does your product or services do? What does it solve for the customer? What is a scenario that can show the benefit? Why should the customer use it? What value does it have to the customer? Answering these types of questions will give you a solid base to work with and expand on. The more information provided to your web traffic will result in not only better search engine rankings, but an increase in leads as well!

At World Wide Web Designers, our goal is to provide all of the services and know how needed for a small business to succeed in the online world. From logo creation to web design to search engine optimization, we’re here to provide our expert knowledge every step of the way. Let us help you achieve your small business websites full potential and get the search ranking it deserves.

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