FenixPestControl.com Case Study

Thousands Of New Visitors Every Month

Understanding Fenix Pest Control, Inc.’s Brand Goals

Fenix was a brand new pest control service and so was unheard of in the state of Iowa.  Needing a hand with establishing and building their brand locally online, Fenix intended on showing their customers exactly what set themselves apart from both big box and similar, smaller pest service competitors.

Having worked rigorously with the owner of Fenix, Lance Bodily, we had first hand knowledge on exactly what his customers were looking for, and aside from pest control, that was absolute trust in the pest control service they chose to use to not literally and metaphorically bite them in the butt further down the line due to confusing services and convoluted contracts and agreements.

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. Case Study 4

Pictured in the Google Analytics data above: FenixPestControl.com’s initial launch in 2018. April 2018 saw 404 users with the year after of April 2019 saw 926 users, with FenixPestControl.com topping out at 1,056 in September, only a year and a half after launch.

How We Helped Fenix Pest Control, Inc.’s With SEO

When someone searches for pest control on a searche engine like Google, our data showed most searches included their city plus the pest problem they were dealing with. That in mind, we started off generating content targeting every single city serviced by Fenix to ensure search engines knew exactly what cities Fenix operated in to help rank their website on a grand scale.

Targeted keyphrases included “pest control Iowa, pest prevention Dubuque, pest inspection Davenport” to name just a few with careful note not to canabalize our own content with overlapping content, but instead interlinking content to help website navigation for both site traffic and search engine crawlers.

Once covered, our keyword research further indicated both what pest and what type of pest services were sought out specifically in different cities, be it “mice prevention Iowa City” or “bed bug removal Ankeny”.  After targeting popular keywords and keyphrases, we moved onto both more obscure target keywords/keyphrases and easy low hanging fruit that had little to no competition to further bolster related keywords that would solidify brand recognition over time as well as contribute to overall leads and website traffic.

We’ve since continued this effort into 2022 of providing useful content to searches that are looking for information rather than a transaction allowing use to generate even more traffic to the website to be used as a resource for knowledge as well as a service. In doing so, we’re able to tackle many more topics than keywords or keyphrases alone which will help as search engines begin ranking for voice search and how helpful a site is to the query that brought them there in the first place.

Results as of 2022 Fenix Pest Control, Inc.’s

Immediately at launch after we set up the proper pages and optimized them, we saw fantastic results (see Google Analytics chart above). The following year saw explosive growth of 197% going from hundreds of users each month to thousands the year after from just under 10,000 users each year to nearly 20,000! The current year of 2022 is already seeing a 127%+ growth in year over year traffic volume and a 117% increase in leads, projecting an even better year this year than 2021. Fenix now ranks on page one on dozens of keywords relevant to the pest control industry, beating even national brands in some searches and even contesting the top 3 results for searches like “Iowa pest prevention”.

Current Highest Page One Google *Rankings:

  • spider control south dakota —> Position 2
  • commercial pest control south dakota —> Position 2
  • wasp control south dakota —> Position 3
  • rat control south dakota —> Position 3
  • iowa city pest control —> Position 5
  • cockroach control south dakota —> Position 5
  • pest control iowa —> Position 5
  • pest control services south dakota —> Position 5
  • ant control south dakota —> Position 5
  • exterminator iowa city —> Position 6
  • iowa pest control —> Position 7

*Rankings based on local searches from Iowa, Nebraska, Florida and South Dakota
Results as of 3/7/2022 from AHREFS.com

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. Case Study 3

A Note About Fenix Pest Control, Inc.

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. is run by a team of professional pest control specialists with over 45 years of combined experience. While we did our part since their beginning to help them continually meet their goals online, we have to give credit where it’s due to their team and their own contribution to helping grow the Fenix brand into the powerhouse it is today.

SEO and web design are huge factors in how well a website is represented online, but a brands overall reputation is built directly by people who represent that brand, with the team at Fenix going above and beyond, providing their customers with the best customer service and best pest control treatment results possible.

Without the Fenix team being as kickass as they are, our results would be next to meaningless and not as easily achieveable. We hope our relationship with Fenix Pest Control, Inc. continues over the years as we continue to help them grow and provide their amazing services to even more folk in need of pest control services!

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